About us

We think women need to talk more openly about money, because money really matters.

Money Matters

On average, women have less than half the levels of savings and investments than men – which equates to a staggering £1.65 trillion gender investment gap. That’s a lot of zeros!

And that gender investment gap is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today.

At AJ Bell, we believe that investing should feel good, not scary.

AJ Bell Money Matters is our way of helping overcome barriers along the way, whether that be lower disposable income levels, natural barriers such as a career break to start a family, or, put bluntly, the perception that investing isn’t for women.

We want more women to feel included, to feel able to access information that’s targeted at them and ultimately, to feel good when taking their first step into investing – because it is a step, not a leap.

Research report

How does women’s lower disposable income lead to a £1.65 trillion gender investment gap? Our report explains what’s gone wrong, and how ten simple steps could put it right.


Financial Wobbly Bits

A woman’s life is full of financial Wobbly Bits. Our latest report uncovers the Wobbly Bits of life and gives you the toolkit to overcome them.


Proud partners of Smart Works

Along the way we’ve also joined forces with Smart Works – a UK registered charity that gives women the confidence they need to secure employment and change the trajectory of their lives.

At the heart of Smart Works sits a dressing and coaching service designed to help women gain confidence and interview skills.

Referrals for Smart Works are made from job centres, mental health charities, women’s refuges and more. Smart Works help referred women to get back on their feet by providing all the tools they need to successfully find a job, and in turn, gain financial security.

69% of women helped by Smart Works go on to get a job within one month of their first coaching session. To date, Smart Works have supported over 30,000 women across eleven centres nationwide.

The partnership between AJ Bell and Smart Works has one goal – to help more women achieve financial independence.